Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's a hairy situation

A decision has been made. An agonizing, mind searing, life changing decision.

I'm going au naturel. (You totally thought I was leaving my husband, didn't you?)

I'm growing out the grey, shaking out the salt, letting the silver fox out to play. Embracing my inner old lady, if you please. Really, I'm just cheap. The $300 per month I'm spending on covering my grey could be better spent elsewhere. Things like shoes college fund, new clothes paying down the mortgage, personal trainer gas.

My natural color, before it became white, was Indian black. Not dark brown, or just black, but blue black. They tell me there's Cherokee on my mother's side since they're all dark. Cherokee my ass. My son looks like Sayid on Lost and they're claiming Cherokee? But it is board straight and now it's about 3 inches long. I cut it all off today. Shortest it's ever been since I was but a wee babe. Since there is no graceful way to grow white roots out of "mocha honey express with caramel highlights" hair, I'm just going for it. For your viewing pleasure, I'm including a picture of my roots.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. But be forewarned; it's only going to get worse. I'm going to post one of these every month until it's grown out. Then I'm going to ask opinions, carefully weigh all options, and run screaming back to my hairdresser begging him to make it go away for the love of god and all that is holy COVER IT UP! But I really want to know what it looks like. And although it's unlikely, I may like it.

And at least while I'm not coloring it, I'll avoid another one of these debacles.


coastrat said...

Good for you, Shania! White and gray are beautiful! And I should know, as my hair is either one or the other.

Vanessa said...

Oh crap! I totally thought you were leaving him!

moo said...

You know what? My mom stopped coloring her hair and she LOVES her salt and pepper locks. Men embrace aging; why shouldn't women too?


Sizzle said...

I think it's a smart move. Besides, you can always change your mind! Not like getting a tattoo. :)

Candy said...

I color my own hair. Taught myself to do it one year after my own roots looked similar. And now I'm a pro, I actually highlight my daughter's hair and she gets compliments all the time.

However, I do realize that some day, in the not so distant future I'm going to have to let it go. Ohhh it will be a sad day indeed. I'm not ready!

Ree said...

As soon as mine actually starts growing in again, I'll be joining you. All Gray, all the time baby!

Christine said...

Good for you!

My hair is a light brown (dishwater blond as they say)...not an attractive mix with the grey.

Thanks for the Jodi Picoult offer...I'll totally take you up on it! What can I do for you in exchange?

Kate said...

You make me laugh.