Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sad :( ...then - Happy!

I had to lawyer up on my insurance company today. This makes me sad. Let's suffice it to say that I didn't feel they were really 'on my side' anymore. Our loss date was 1/28/10. What's left of my house is still sitting, stripped down to its shell, with nary a new board or nail in it. Nothing has been done. I had to threaten legal action to get the preliminary payment for my contents. I won't bore you with the details, but it's been one hassle after another to get what is due, especially the additional living expenses, such as rent, dog boarding fees, etc.

So it appears we'll be living here in
plantation central for more than the initial six months. It's a lovely home, but it's so BIG. Which you'd think would be grand, but there's a problem with big. Someone has to clean it. That someone would be me. And I don't like to clean. Especially when it involves several flights of stairs to complete one load of laundry. It's a long way from the third floor down to the basement laundry room! But it's farther back up, believe you me.

On to the happy! When I went to
New York to fetch Lucy from her movie premier, she told me that she had made some valuable contacts. I figured she was just trying to justify the trip, which was really mostly for pleasure. Turns out, she was right. She wasn't home three days before she got a call to report to a shoot in Baton Rouge, La. A feature film! This will look fantastic on her cv. Her second day was today and she got promoted to Director's assistant (not to be confused with Assistant director). I'm so pleased for her. The highlight of her day, of course, was meeting Samuel L. Jackson (ahem, Sam to us in the know) and Daniel Kim, who will forever be Jin from 'Lost' to me.

Perhaps I'll have her film a documentary "A small town woman's fight against a national insurance company to get her house rebuilt". Would you see it? How about if Johnny Depp plays the evil adjuster?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Antibiotics! They work!*

We're on our way back from the big city. We survived! The city survived! Win-win!

Recap later after recuperation. Much walking and riding of ferries and topless buses was done, along with hanging out with New York's finest in times square (Silas' chosen method of vacationing, but who can blame him? They had horses).

*we weren't going because Silas had strep, but....(see title)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sidelined by the monkey plague*

No New Yawk City for me. Sigh. Silas came home with strep throat yesterday. Poor baby. He'll miss opening ceremonies for baseball and a birthday party. I feel bad for him. But I feel worse for me (I'm selfish like that) cause I don't get to go cavorting around the big city. I was really hoping to look like this on Monday.


*title blatantly stolen from the lovely Kate.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Beware, those in the north east

Hey! Where in the hell are my font and text size buttons?!? I can't post in this little bitty ole type, I can't even see it! For those of you not on blogger (you lucky dogs), there used to be two little buttons in a bar across the top of the window where you could pick your font and text size. I always picked large so I could SEE what I typed. But no more, apparently. Get out your magnifying glasses.

Anyquityerbitchin, guess where I'm going this weekend? To new york city! Yay! Happy face! Lucy went to a movie premier last week, and instead of having her bring the train down, I'm going to hop in MINI Pearl and go fetch her.

So of course, I need advice from the natives. Where to stay, where to stay OUT of, etc. I really don't want it to be like my first New Orleans trip, where the limo from the airport pulled up in front of a falling down motel in between a liquor store and a strip club. Although, that probably could have been fun too.

I'm thinking of trying to see at least one show (Wicked, maybe?) and do the cheesy tourist thing and take a tour. Other than that, please to advise. What can I do that the other 86 bazillion tourists there won't know about? Give me the inside scoop, and I promise I won't call you, drunk and lost, at 3 am Saturday morning.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This post is mandatory

I was recently contacted by the Association of Professional Bloggers and informed that I was in violation of Code 28, subsection 6b. Apparently, it is required that all bloggers publish a mandatory "It's Spring" post or risk losing their license. Because I don't want to get kicked off the internet, I give you:


It doesn't get more springy than a puppy in a convertible.

'come on woman! We've got cruisin' to do. I want my jaws flappin in 5 minutes'

Required outside picture of kid in sunshine. This complies with regulation 124a.
Now that I'm in compliance, I can rest easy knowing that my membership is secure. Happy Spring! May you have lots of gorgeous flowers and no allergies.

Sunday, April 4, 2010