Friday, October 30, 2009

My dogma ate my CAR-ma

Haha! See what I did there? Dogma/Karma?

I'm sorry. It's just that I'm light headed from all the numbers rolling around in my head. Big, huge, scary numbers that represent how much it's costing to get my car fixed. (If you're thinking 'well, that's what you get for driving a Jag', you're mean and you made me cry. Happy?)

It just overheated, no big deal right? Wrong. You couldn't possibly be wronger in the whole history of being wrong, ever. I put a thermostat in it ($200). It ran fine. Until it didn't. Overheated again. This time I didn't catch it quick enough and it cracked the overflow tank, which of course is custom molded to fit in the little niche and lined in gold and plated with unicorn farts so therefore stupid expensive ($500).

Problem solved, right? HAH! Non, mon amie, non.

A few days later: WONK WONK High engine temperature. Catastrophic failure eminent. Cease and desist immediately. (at least that's what I hear when I see the temperature hand climbing)

So I give up and take it to an actual mechanic who diagnosed it as needing a new cooling fan assembly and harness ($760). So, yeah. I really hope you didn't want anything for christmas. We can go for a ride in my car if you want. No promises we'll get back though.

Whatever car repair god I pissed off still has it out for me. I was driving my daughters' car while mine was in the shop. She took it out last night, calls me at 10:00 (why do these calls never come before I get in my jammies?) and wails "why does everything you touch explode???". This is not sounding good. I ask her what I've exploded now. Her car is overheated on the side of the road.

And the cycle continues. Good news is, she has an escort. It really was just the thermostat and it only cost $10 to fix it. Score! Perchance the auto gods have been appeased and my good car karma restored all around.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I have arrived

Finally, after over a year of blogging, I have been truly accepted by the community. I, my friend, have my very own troll. Yes, it's true. A lovely anonymous troll using the pseudonym 'snoop' (ironic, no?) left a message on my last post about my lovely little bulldog puppy. He suggested that she deserved to be abandoned because of her stench, and then should be 'finished off with a gun'. As far as trolls go, fairly benign I guess.

But none the less, I am honored to be inducted into the club and appreciative of the sentiment.

ps: THE Bossy commented on the same post, which totally negates the whole troll thing, but I'm keeping my membership card anyway.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I just don't understand... anyone could abandon this adorable sweetheart.

She was dropped off at the vet for a slight respiratory infection and never retrieved. I can't fathom why. She's as fine a specimen of an English Bulldog as you'll find. Someone paid fat stacks for her and then just left her.

I'm sure there could be a myriad of reasons as to why she was left and I'm very sorry for the person who had to make that decision. I am, however, very glad they chose to leave her somewhere responsible instead of on the roadside.

So now, please welcome the eighty fifth fourth canine member of our household. Miss TrixieBelle Lollipop. Why yes! Silas did name her. How did you know? Trust me, the name fits in well as our other dogs are:

Gus, also known as, Gustopher, Gustafson and Gustafarian;

Penelope Pitstop, aka Nellie, Nellie Goat and Smelly Nellie with the big belly;

and Betty Boop, aka The Boop, Boop Boop a Doop, and The Big Booper.

So I believe she'll fit right in. I'll be applying for my kennel license tomorrow. If you have any experience with Bulldogs and have wisdom to share, I welcome it. Meanwhile, I leave you with some puppy butt. You're welcome.