Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things that skeer me

I was looking through the Chive today ( - too lazy to code) and they did an experiment where they had everyone send in a photo of what scared you when you were small. I immediately thought of two things that hadn't crossed my mind in years. Remember the six million dollar man? we have the technology...There was an episode called the death probe. The death probe was this thing:

No matter what, it kept coming and killing. For some reason, I convinced myself that when I was outside, it was going to come lumbering up over the hill and kill us all. Kittens, I was ten years old when this episode aired. Ten.

OMG, I just thought of something that makes me feel marginally better about being a big tit baby. Anyone remember the song about Bigfoot and how he was coming to get you, you better lock the doors? My little brother was in our car listening to the radio when that song came on and scared the living bejeebers out of him. He locked the doors and was crying his little heart out. So while I'm out creeping around trying not to make any vibrations for the death probe to pick up (that's how it found you), I come across that hot mess. Laws, we were some messed up kids! Hmmm. There's one for the therapist. (note to self: find a therapist. Quick.)

Anyhoodles, the second thing that sprang to mind? - this little feller:

Charming, yes? He is Zuni from the Trilogy of Terror. He ate a lady. With his big ole teefs. Really fast, like a piranha. There were other scary parts of that show, I'm sure. I don't remember them. Only him. And how wee he was. Wee enough to fit anywhere in my bedroom. Dresser drawers, closet, under the bed. Hell, under the pillow. And FAST, my he was fast. So fast that even the dog wouldn't be able to save me. And he could jump really far, like from the dresser to my bed.

So...not a lot of sleep for little me after watching that. I have no idea what my parents were thinking, or if they even had recognizable brain activity at that point. Six Million Dollar Man I can understand. You don't expect that to be scary. But when a show is called "Trilogy of Terror" it's a pretty safe bet that it's probably scary.

Now that I've given you a glimpse into the wasteland of my psyche, please do share. Tell me something that scared you so I don't feel like such a goober.