Friday, April 16, 2010

Sidelined by the monkey plague*

No New Yawk City for me. Sigh. Silas came home with strep throat yesterday. Poor baby. He'll miss opening ceremonies for baseball and a birthday party. I feel bad for him. But I feel worse for me (I'm selfish like that) cause I don't get to go cavorting around the big city. I was really hoping to look like this on Monday.


*title blatantly stolen from the lovely Kate.


Being Brazen said...

aww. Pity you wont be going to New York...hopefully you can go soon

Dingo said...

That sucks. I was looking forward to you coming up here.

Jocelyn said...

Do I get to type this here: Ohhh, fuck. (can I??)

If not, I meant to type, Well darn it all.

That is the poop.

Tamara said...

That sucks. For all involved.

Cute pic though ;-)

Kate said...

I JUST got over strep throat. Dang! I'm sorry. And I look like that on Mondays whether I go to the big city or not.