Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Ralph, who art thou?

If it doesn't quit raining soon, I may be posting from the county lock up. I'm sure that's where they'll take me after I kill my husband, right? He's been leaving late, coming in early, staying home and generally just messin' up my mojo. Today, in a fit of helpfulness (a rare and precious occurrence, lemme tell ya) he decided to help put up all of the winter clothes and....clean my office. Yes. He. Did.

I keep an office at home so I don't have to go in to the company office unless absolutely necessary because I'm lazy for some reason, the less my employees see me, the more productive they are. And noooo, my mandatory office chair races do not factor in to that unproductivity.

While making it so I'll never find anything again straightening my desk, he came across a slip of paper with several phone numbers on it. Ralph's number was circled. With a check mark by it. And there may have been a star with an exclamation point. Apparently, Ralph's the fashizzle. Of course, I have no idea because I don't remember Ralph, why I have his number, or why he's the fashizzle. But the husband, being of the male persuasion, finds this explanation a bit suspect. After making a genuine effort to remember Ralph and why I have his number, I admit my curiosity was piqued as well.

Now, let me elaborate that this number is written on my personal calendar out of my daytimer. There would have been no questions asked if it had been business related (even with the stars) because, good grief, all I have are men's numbers. So anyway, get to the point, you say. To solve the mystery, I called Ralph to ask why I thought he was so great that not only do I still have his number on a calendar page from 1999, but it's on my desk (which really has been cleaned since 1999, truly).

Ralph turned out to be Ralph Stanley of "Oh Brother, Where art thou?" fame. And my 64th cousin 28 times removed, or something like that. The number was from when I took a trip to southwestern Virginia for genealogy research. What I forgot was that I had gone through an old box of my genealogy records last week. It must have fallen out then.

So even though Ralph is kinfolk, and older than Methuselah, it was nice to have the husband all "het up" over another man's number. Maybe I'll hide a few others around. That'll teach him to clean my office.


Twisting Ivy said...

Damn! I bet you were hoping Ralph was a little more interesting, to deserve such a decorative notation, even if just a little, weren't you? Tee hee

;) A tiny bit of jealousy is always nice, makes a girl feel sexy.

Ree said...

Snort. At least it wasn't Ralph Cranston. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Are you into geneology? Cute post! Nothing like a strange phone number to get a guy's attention... Say, who is Ralph Cranston, anyway? I've heard of Ralph Kramden, from 'The Honeymooners'...

Vanessa said...

I love the idea of office chair races! Glad the hubby pays enough attention to ask about another guys number!

Kate said...

Gotta love the jealousy!~ Makes life interesting.

Candy said...

That's awesome.

One time, my husband was "looking for cash" in my purse and came across something...well let's just say it wasn't for his eyes and he would have been happier if he never read it.

He doesn't go through my purse anymore. Ever.