Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekly Word Challenge


Uh huh. Look what I did. I got the badge, yo. Which hopefully makes up for the fact that the pictures are crap.

Words this week were bokeh and


Bokeh or lens flare? Your call.


I believe this may, possibly be close to the definition of bokeh, also known as secular lights. I shot this in manual, and it's not a big black square, so bokeh or not, I'm hyped!

This young lady, who has an upside down heart shaped trunk opening (I'm reaching, I know), looks like she's getting ready to share some juicy gossip to someone on her other side.

Other random photos:

This is my favorite from the circus this weekend. Even with the huge, giant head in the frame.

I shot these next two in aperture priority mode so I could have the blur of the scarves. I like how you can tell that the second one is spinning down.

Thanks for stopping by. I may actually have pics that apply to the theme next week!


Ashley said...

And Bokeh is what?

I'm confused. Naturally.

Sweetly Single said...

Those are some awesome pictures... and YaaaY you for doing the badge thing!

~sheds a proud tear~

Dingo said...

Awww, I like the heart-shaped elephant trunk thingy.

Karen said...

The theme is just a jumping off point. We all just like to check out each others photos, themed or not.
I love the circus photos. Great job.

Fortune Cookies said...

I totally see the heart in her trunk!

Reb said...

Love the blossoms and the heart in the trunk. Yes, she is sharing gossip ;) Great photos of the scarves.

Kate said...

I know nothing about picture taking. I'm all about point and shoot. I'm lame.

Slyde said...

those pics are stellar!

Aunt Jackie said...

Great shots... my fav is the sweet elephant... Awwww

Tink said...

That second one is definitely bokeh. Well done! I especially like the twirling woman. You caught the action/blur beautifully. :)

Anonymous said...

Wild, wacky and wonderful! I lika you work, my dear! Neat post!