Thursday, October 16, 2008

I should have been a dentist

SweetieDarling has been suffering for days with a toothache. She finally decided to tell me about it two days ago. I sent her to the dentist hoping she could get a filling and be done with it. Oh no. No no no. Couldn't be that simple. She needs a root canal and a crown. Or she must have the tooth extracted. Now, I know we live in West by gawd Virginia, but I cannot have my 18 year old daughter running around missing a tooth. Even if it is one in the way back that wouldn't affect her beautiful smile.

So she's referred to an oral surgeon who specializes in these things. Do you know how much a root canal costs? Well sit down, because you're about to be shocked. $985!!!!! Do you believe that? That's ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! I was absolutely gobsmacked!!!! I hope I don't run out of exclamation points!!! Because then how would you know how dismayed I am?!!

When I set up the appointment for the xrays, I asked the scheduler if piercings were a problem. See poppets, my SweetieDarling, she's a bit of a goth child. You know the ones, black hair, eyeliner, nailpolish, lipstick. So many piercings they look like they fell face first into the tackle box. The ones you either point at or run away from at the mall? That's my girl. And I didn't want her to go for the xray and all that metal in her head melt together and fuse into some kind of terminator/robo cop hybrid mask. Apparently, since the rays are centered onto the tooth only, it doesn't matter.

It's a good thing her mouth is sore and she can't chew. After paying for this, there won't be food around here for the rest of the month.


Being Brazen said...

Dentists are always so terribly expensive.

Kate said...

Oh no! Dentist bills are awful. So very awful. And you go mom! For being cool enough to let your daughter be all pierced up.

Dingo said...

You know, if she did morph into a terminator/robo cop type thing, I'm sure you could get a good price for her on ebay. Just sayin'.

Tamara said...

Damn! I'm in the wrong business. Although I dunno if I could cope with smelling people's breath all day long. Yuck.

Kitty Cat said...

Hey there, found your blog through another blogger...and am loving your blog. Dental work is notoriously expensive, but you're a good mommy who doesn't want your daughter toothless.

Jocelyn said...

I'm not even going to tell you how much the crown after the root canal costs.

Just be ready to sell Silas to pay for it.