Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I should've thought this through

The luscious BonBon has declared today to be Out your Tivo Day. After agreeing to do it and then coming in here and turning on my Tivo, I'm having second thoughts. Whatever will you think of me? How will I hold my head up in polite company? Oh well, here goes: Oh wait, you should know that this is MY tivo. Mine only. I have put a password on it after the great Lost deletion debacle of aught 7, so no one has access to it but moi. I do occasionally record something for Silas, although grudgingly. Behold:

Dr. Phil, 10 episodes (will probably watch 3 of them)
The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 5 (haven't watched at all this season)
House 3 (What?? How did I forget House? I'll finish this after I watch them)
Desperate Housewives 1 (Good Lord, my mind is a sieve. I didn't know I'd missed this either!)
The Graham Norton Show, 25 episodes (Shut up. He makes me laugh every time I watch. And the American stars he has on are always shocked at how different European tv is, esp. when he asks really crude questions)
Survivor, 1 (kinda meh on this season so far, although Ace is hawt)
Star Stories, 2 (hilarious spoof of stars on BBC)
Eddie Izzard
George Carlin's last 5 HBO specials
and the last 5 episodes of Lost from last season.

There you have it. For someone who claims not to watch much tv, I believe my delusions have been shattered. Be kind.


Dingo said...

Eddie Izzard and George Carlin are your saving graces. You are still one of the cool kids.

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE Survivor AND LOST. huh. Send them to me, would ya?

Being Brazen said...

I wish i had a Tivo

the cubicle's backporch said...

The last Desperate Housewives episode was a good one if I remember correctly. I'm hoping Susan and Mike get back together, I think. And what's up with Edie's husband? He gets on my nerves!

Kate said...

I really and truly cannot remember the last time I turned on my TV, which cracks me up because when I moved into Ity Bity Apartment, I had THREE!

Slyde said...

mine will be skewed because i have a ton of cartoons right now for my son.

i have about 20 spongebobs
10 jimmy neutrons
5 general hospitals (for the wife)
real world/road rules challenge
manchurian candidate

pretty eclectic, huh?

Candy said...

Girl, Eddie Izzard and Graham Oh my god, they're funny.

Are you really going to watch all those Dr. Phil's? You coudl just watch one, and know all the others are pretty much the same. Spoken by a former Phil junkie. Cold turkey is the only way, trust me.