Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I miss

What with being homeless and all, I've been taking particular notice of the things I miss. We're still in a hotel, coming up on three weeks now. Snowmageddon really mucked things up further with its ten feet of snow. The cleaning company can't get a dumpster up to the house to start throwing stuff out, so we do nothing. They don't want to handle the items twice, which I understand, but if anything could have been saved it is certainly ruined by now. The smell is just soooo nasty and has permeated everything.

I miss my fabulous
zebra print trench coat. And my superfunktastic leopard print dansko clogs. That I only got to wear thrice before they became funkified in a not fantastic way. (btw, I did not wear the trench and the clogs together) (but I thought about it)

I really miss my
lapdesk. This actually putting the laptop on my, well, lap top, sucks. And gets burny.

But mostly, I miss my
Keurig. I'm so zombified in the morning that I just can't face the whole filter, coffee, measure procedure and I usually end up with some swill that's barely palatable. Just when did I get too fancy to hold my own damn computer and measure out coffee grounds?

This whole ordeal may just humble me yet.
(don't count on it.)


B.E. Earl said...

We've only had a Keurig for a few months. Gia's sister bought one for us for Christmas. But I don't think I could face mornings without it now. I spend hours looking for the best online deals for k-cups. Seriously.

Kate said...

Of course you miss your things. I mean - in emergencies such as this, we make do. We have to. But there's got to be some sort of grieving process for a disaster like yours. Don't give yourself such a hard time.

Tamara said...

I would miss that coat too.

Dingo said...

Oh, those clogs! I love them! And the coat? Yes, girl, cry, let it all out. There's no shame in missing things that we enjoyed or made our lives comfortable. Who said that we have to be all noble and forget that we lost things that meant something to us? Show me who that is and I'll punch them in the face for you.