Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here comes the rain again

We had just a wee bit of rain this week. A gullywasher, if you will.

Below is what it looked like from my kitchen door to the bottom of the driveway. The river is across the road from my drive. My neighbors get the pleasure of having a ravine carved into their road.

This is what I encountered when I left to take Silas to school:

It used to be my road. Just a smidge problematic to get through, but I made it. Just to encounter this:

I finally muck my way through the mess, get off the mountain, and 30 minutes later:

Blue skies all around. Looks like it didn't even rain here. Must be that storm cloud that hangs around over my head.


justsomethoughts... said...

fabulous pictures though...

Gail said...

Great shots and it was a chunk floater too.