Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The trip, she is planned

With stunning organization and stupefying quickness, I have finalized the plans for the trip to my daughter's graduation (you know, the graduation that I've known about for two years?) a whopping two weeks before the big day. Admit it, you're jealous of my mad skillz in the planning department.

I managed to get a flight out of Dulles, Washington DC to Orlando (and back), a motel (supposedly a resort, we'll see), and a rental car for eight days, seven nights for three people for $1000 from Travelocity. So yeah, all that for a thousand bucks? I'm thinking we'll be staying in a hovel with bulletproof glass in the walk up office and no a/c. In Florida. In June. While driving an 18 year old rental Yugo. Which I'll come out of the room to find on blocks covered with gang tags.

In other needs, I could use more advice. It's been about a hundred years since I've flown commercial. I need suggestions for my preshuss (laptop) and my even more preshuss (camera). Do I carry them on? Check them in my luggage *shudder*? Buy them their own seat? Put Silas in the overhead and let them have his seat? Halp meh, peeps. I've been completely spoiled by having a father who is a pilot with a teeny tiny itty bitty plane. I don't know how to function in a normal society anymore. I'm assuming that my usual routine of throwing everything I think I might possibly need, including firearms, ammo, mace and brass knuckles, into a bag and tossing it into the plane won't fly anymore. (Har! get it? fly?) What do you guys do with your preshusses? Please do share.


Ashley said...

I don't have any preshusses to worry about.

And I don't fly.

Therefore, I am no help.

Mrs.C said...

I don't fly either. But my preshusses would be in my carry on! Even on long car trips, my laptop is up front, not locked away in the trunk! And my camera generally has first class seats in my purse.

the queen said...

Oh, yes. Anything you could not stand to lose, pills, presshusssessss, need to be carried on. And don't put it in the overhead, put it under your seat with your feet on the strap.

Anonymous said...

I would contact Ree, Ms. Hotfessional, as she flies every week... for details on how to pack.

Dingo said...

Definitely carry it on!! And make sure Silas doesn't have anything to drink two hours before going in the overhead bin. It will eliminate the need to let him out for a bathroom break during flight.

Ree said...

Okay, so here's what you do. You back a carry on with essentials. You put your laptop, camera and whatever else you absolutely cannot do without in that carry on. The laptop will have to come out of the bag to go through the x-ray machine. I don't know about the camera - I haven't traveled with my good one yet.

Give the kids each a backpack with their stuff that they can't do without.

Check the rest. DO NOT, under any circumstances, check your preshus or your preshus. I mean this. ;-)

If you have to take liquids in your carry on, make sure they're easy to get to because you'll need to whip them into a plastic container to go through the conveyer belt security (no more than 3.4 ounces each bottle - one quart bag per person).

Wear shoes that are EASY to get on and off and put them directly on the conveyer belt. Do not put them in a bin or they'll yell at you (new rule).

Do not wear a jacket or sweater over a shirt, unless you want to wrestle with taking that off, too.

Watch out which jewelry you wear. I have ONE pair of earrings that set off the metal detector. My watch is are all my rings, but I sometimes forget about that ONE pair of earrings.

Keep your boarding pass with you. Do not put it through the machine - sometimes they need to check it when you walk under the metal detector.

After you're through, make sure that you do a thorough review of everything...I've seen more laptops left on the belt. Shoes aren't easy to forget, but somehow...


Okay, anything else? Just ask.

the cubicle's backporch said...

I'm two days late, so I'm thinking that her graduation is TODAY, so hopefully you arrived there safe and sound... and with a couple of stories to tell us when you get back! :)

Slyde said...

i havent flown since my honeymoon, so im probably not much help here..

Vanessa said...

What ever you do, do NOT check your laptop or camera. Find a back pack designed to hold both (swiss army is a great pick) and wear slip on shoes for security.

Oh, and don't forget to have a great time!

Jocelyn said...

Carry on all things presshus, but be ready to spend time at security opening each thing and booting up the laptop.

Only presshus to pack? Aveda products over 3 oz in size.

Sweetly Single said...

take em with u

Tamara said...

I could give you advice, but regulations are probably different here in South Africa. I just flew to Zanzibar and we took our preshuss camera onboard so we could take pics out the plane window of the island shores.