Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekly Word Challenge

I recently joined Tink in the weekly word challenge. The words for this week were Orange and N.

My interpretations (drum roll please):

Orange speed demon.

Orange books. I do believe that Penguin Books need to vary their covers a bit.

The best orange of all. An orange haired niece.

From the leap frog fridge set. Where we spell naughty words because we're 12.

Off my pompous latin sign in the entryway.

I'm not sure if there are any rules I need to post or what the protocol might be, so if there's something else I need to do, hopefully someone will let me know.

Thus concludes my first weekly challenge. Ah'm just plum tuckered out.


Slyde said...

you spell naughty words too? i thought that was just me..

Kate said...

I just spell naughty words on my friends' refrigerators and then wait for them to notice.

Dingo said...

Did you like Icy Sparks?

So, by weekly challenge, I guess that means we'll be hearing from you more often? No pressure.

Jocelyn said...

The orange hair is my favorite!

Being Brazen said...

I love orange hair.

Penguin does need to change their covers a bit

Tink said...

I love this! Your interpretations are awesome, the car and the hair being my favorite. Great job. Sorry it took me so long to swing by!

Kitty Cat said...

Cute little orange haired niece!!!

Fragrant Liar said...

Okay, where'd ya go?