Saturday, July 19, 2008

For my peeps

I must admit poppets, I had a bit of posters remorse after THIS. I mean, I had never uttered those words aloud before. Molested, raped. Never. Not to anyone. And I told. Do you know how huge that is? I told. And guess what? The world? It did not end. The skies did not darken to purple and rain fire upon the land. Actually, the world marched on just like normal, except for a bit of post publish panic.
Except, and this is a big except, I feel free. Unburdened. And for that I thank YOU. For listening, for not judging, for supporting. You are awesome and awe inspiring and I will be forever grateful that I had you to tell my story to. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

You have a lot of listeners/readers who care. Glad that you have achieved a sense of relief of sorts with your brave post.

Have a great weekend!

moo said...

the more you tell, the less power your abuser has over you.

We're here to listen.

Ree said...

's amazing, isn't it. The whole unburdening yourself. XXOO

Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

You're very brave!