Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Circus, Part Deux

Circus time finally arrived, after repeated cries of "is it time to go?" all day. Piglet left the field in the middle of his t-ball game to ask if it was time to go yet. Finally, 6:00. We drive 30 minutes to Winchester, park at the mall, and get into a line approximately one quarter to one half a mile long. I know it's supposedly the largest show in the world under the bigtop, but come on! I immediately upgraded our tickets to VIP, lest we have to sit up with the acrobats.

After a delightful forty five minutes in line, I see my former new husband. He's not as nearly as dashing or european without the scarf. He tries to lure me with treats:

When that doesn't work, he tries the sexy pose:

Alas, Piglet has picked out a new daddy:

But, being the picky ho that I am, I leave him for Reynaldo:

Seriously, anyone want to go halfsies on a circus? I am talking money machine.

$44 to get in, and that's with Piglet being free.

$5 popcorn

$5 cold, half raw hot dog that was immediately trashed

$5 small cup soda (flat)

$10!! funnel cake

$15 stoopid light up gun that's driving me insane

Potential business partners, please e-mail me.


Anonymous said...

Damn! Going to the circus is like going to the gas pump! Where will it end...

J & J Acres said...

$44 to get IN the circus?!?! Holy cow!!! I hope you had recliners to sit in!

And I love watching t-ball games... my youngest brother's teammates were always peeing in the bushes or building sand castles. hee hee.

moo said...

TEN DOLLARS for a funnel cake?

I am so screwed when the carnival comes to town.

Christine said...

I'm kinda thinking that perhaps Reynaldo might be worth the entire cost. But that's just me...


Vanessa said...

Piglet is brave, I've always been afraid of clowns!