Friday, March 28, 2008

Things I learned from my father

This should probably be titled "things my father tried to teach me". Some took, some didn't.

Measure twice, cut once. Trust me, this applies to a WHOLE lot more than lumber.

There is nothing you can't learn. Proved this by teaching me to break down and rebuild an engine.

Someone is always watching you. Paranoid much? Actually, his way of telling me to comport myself in such a way as to be respected. This one didn't take until my 20's.

You have to work hard to have nice things. This one I got when the National Bank of Daddy closed its wallet.

Don't be afraid to tell people how good you are. Got this one a little TOO good.

The less you say, the more people want you to talk. Epic fail.

There is nothing you can't do alone. Gotta disagree with this one.

Let your kids make their mistakes. Yeah, about that? Wish I had had more guidance.

If you can't see the mirrors, he can't see you. Check.

People will judge you by who you are with. Yeah, buddy.

Always keep $20 hidden somewhere in your car. Still do, to this day. Never know when I might need ONE GALLON of gas!

If you're going to illegally run electric to your garage, have someone stand by with a wooden board to break the current if you get shocked. Haven't had use for this one.

And my all time favorite.

When you fall off the roof, you can make yourself pass out before you hit the ground. WTF???


Twisting Ivy said...

LOL! Shania, you rock.

Great post, thanks for the chuckle! =)

carrie said...

My Dad taught me a few of those things too . . . especially the car stuff, that's invaluable!

The Hotfessional said...

;-) Love the roof one. But I want to know how exactly?

Kate said...

Ha! I don't know about the falling off the roof one, but this post made me laugh!

I guess I don't know exactly what I learned from my family, except continued dysfunction. Don't get me wrong - we LOOK sane!

flutter said...

Your dad is good people.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I work hard to have nice things and small people who live in this house are out to ruin them.

Your dad is wise.