Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day


Mah baaybehh! He has gone to school.

For the whole day.

As in 8 whole hours away from me.

I don't know what to do with myself right now. I've spent the past six years with this child velcroed to my side. Sometimes by choice, sometimes not.

I'm sure once I get accustomed to having some free time, I'll find ways to fill it. Hopefully with something that doesn't involve mindless shopping to fill the void that is my broken heart.

At least someone is happy about it:

Here he is on the steps of his little academy. That's what it's called. The Academy. My heart. I can't take it.

Here he has to sign in. All by himself. Without me helping. I feel so superfluous.

And here is the sign that I'm putting up right down the street from the school. It reflects my mood wonderfully.

So here I sit. I've finished the post. I guess I'll go clean the house.



Dingo said...

Look at him signing in by himself!

I bet that in a week or two you are going to find yourself trying to rush through whatever you have planned in order to pick him up on time.

Mrs.C said...

Aww, a hard time for sure. Soon, you will learn to enjoy your alone time.

That sign...killed me. ROFL

Sweetly Single said...

You should be so proud that your little guy has grown up to be such a great kid!

Now is the time for remembering who you are

Being Brazen said...

aww, cute post.

Adorable pics of your son.


Ashley said...

It's a good thing. I'm sure you'll find things to do without having to drag kids with you every single time. Oh just imagine the possibilites.

Kate said...

School?! Awesome!

Well, not for you at first, but it will grow on both of you. Hang in there and don't clean too much! Eat some bon bons for Gods' sake.

Candy said...

Oh my god he's scrumptious.

I love the sign!!!

ree said...

He's so cute!

Wait till you leave him at the dorm. Then we'll talk. ;-)

J and J Acres said...

Aww... he looks all professional signing in by himself!!

I love that sign. I need one so people will stop hitting my chickens! (Okay, that sounded pretty redneck)

Vanessa said...

Look at it as more of a milestone. You have prepared him well, he is smart and will make good choices. I'm sure you'll miss him, but everyday when you pick him up ask him to tell you one really great thing that happened at school today. I'm sure he'll make you smile and proud at the same time.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, Pooky...

Our boys are of an age, you know. First grade--a full day--starts for us this next Friday. Imagine me, on the floor, with a box of Kleenex. Hopefully, the remote will be near by, so I can put on Ellen and watch others be happy.

He even is holding his backpack straps in that little way they do.


Anonymous said...

Your little guy is very handsome! Love the sign!

cathy said...

I can't wait for mine to go back. The house is a tip!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel your pain.

kanishk said...

a hard time for sure. Soon, you will learn to enjoy your alone time.

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