Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It may be time to downsize

I currently drive a Ford Expedition sporting the license plate seen above. At this point, I'm fortunate to be able to feed myself and this beast. I've driven an Expedition since 1999 (not the same one) and it is my vehicle of choice. It serves its purpose by having enough room to haul materials needed for various jobs, being high and heavy enough to traverse very off-road job sites, having a large enough engine to pull various smaller pieces of machinery if needed, and, most importantly, a dvd player to keep Silas occupied whilst being hauled around all day. Unfortunately, I can't keep it and it breaks my heart.

I'm not the type to name my vehicles and talk to them and anthropomorphize them like some do, but I do have some loyalty and feel like a traitor getting rid of it. The fact is, I just can't afford it. And that makes me angry. I've worked hard to get to the point where I should be able to afford anything I want, within reason.

My industry is fuel based. My machines can't move without diesel fuel in them. Diesel now is very close to $5 a gallon. Because of the economy, or everyones perception of what the economy is and is going to be, my customers will not tolerate any price increases. Operating costs are quickly approaching the levels of the money coming in. Amount of $$ coming in = amount of $$ going out = no $$ for me.

So in the interest of economy, I'm downsizing. To this:

And if I need to get around a muddy job? I always have these:

(No, I don't actually own these. I snagged the picture off of ebay. Where no one had purchased them yet. Go figure.)


Ree said...

I want those boots. Badly. Bet they're not my size. ;-)

Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

I'm sad for your expedition, although I'm sure the smart car is very, uh, roomy inside. heh.

Diesel prices are absolutely ridiculous. It costs less to produce, so it's more expensive. Argh. Dumb.

Goodluck finding a new vehicle. I hate car shopping!

moo said...

a friend of mine recently did something similar ... downsized her mommy mobile for a hybrid something or other.

My car, now 10 years old, was to be sold next year and I was supposed to get a SUV. This is not going to happen now, and I feel cheated.

This economy SUCKS.

CelticBuffy said...

That car is adorable! I bought a new(er) vehicle last year and, even though it averages 32 mpg, I still wish I would have taken the higher payment and purchased a hybrid. I miss the room that my mini-van had but I sure enjoy being able to fill the gas tank for under $40.

Vanessa said...

YAY Smart Car! I love those and am thinking about getting one myself! Please let me know how you like it after you have driven it a while?

Also, can your machines run on bio-diesel?

Anonymous said...

Finding a car you can afford to operate these days is a real challenge. There are so many SUVs and large pickups parked in lawns with a For Sale sign in the window...

newduck said...

I've always wanted a smart car. I first saw them in Spain around 2001. In Madrid a bunch of guys picked one up to parallel park it. Brilliant.