Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just get out, already!

Does anyone else like to pressure wash as much as I do? Can anyone else possibly find it as cathartic, even therapeutic, as I do? I have washed the entire front deck, most of the pool deck, the privacy fence around the pool, and am taking orders. Need something washed? I'm your woman. I'm sure the neighbors are ready to kill me, though. (Hi, neighbor! I'll be done soon. Got anything you want washed?)

Anyway, this is supposed to be for Sam ( She's about six months past due and Karen Surgarpants is kind enough to host a bloggy shower to share late baby stories. What? Trust me, it feels like six months to her. (Hi Sam! Hope you're holding a wee biddy babe by now!)

I don't have much to contribute from the first two. The Dude was my first child. I was eighteen, and I knew everything. Except what labor felt like. Did not know that a backache could be considered labor. Long story short, got to the hospital twenty minutes before he was born. On his due date. Snore.

Now Lucy Apples is a bit more interesting. I had a doctor's appointment the first week of July. They did a sonogram and told me they had the dates wrong, that I wasn't due until the end of August, she was just too small. I alternated between rage and despondency. I was sooooo sick and soooo hot. I simply couldn't last another month. (This was the kind of abnormal "morning" sickness that can kill you and the baby) (And almost did) Because I thought I had another two years months, I thought it was false labor, when, in the third week of July, I felt contractions. Plus, I really wanted to get my hair done and it was almost time for my appointment . Cutting to the end, 6 lbs 3 oz, born in the hallway of the hospital. And yeah, they did still try to charge me for the delivery room, even though I never saw the inside of it.

SweetieDarling was the problem child. An uneventful first two trimesters led to the horror of the third. I'm only 5' tall. This child was giant. There simply wasn't room in there for her. She compressed everything. I couldn't breathe, walk, sleep, eat, or move. The week she was due, I tried it all. Driving down a bumpy road fast, jumping jacks (highly entertaining for anyone watching, I'm sure), and anything else you can possibly think of. Finally, I couldn't take anymore. I called my doctor, at home, at 5 pm on a Saturday night. I made threats I don't care to repeat in polite company. He met me at the hospital at 7 (I was kind enough to let him finish his dinner) and broke my water. One hour later we started pitocin and she was born at two minutes before midnight. She was a toddler. 24" long, 10 lbs, 14oz. See, I told you there wasn't any room!

You can find the story of Piglet's birth here. He was early, no waiting involved.

I hope Sam has an easy labor and birth. She certainly deserves it after waiting this long!


Twisting Ivy said...

Would you like to come pressure wash my patio? lol =)

I've never tried it, but it looks like a lot of fun. In a very weird way.

Anonymous said...

Is four it, or will you try for a fifth (baby, not champagne)? You've been all around the spectrum, time for you to write a book about it, with your experience.