Thursday, January 22, 2009

I feel so dirty

*originally posted March 08

I'm reposting this ostensibly because Lost just came back on, but really because I haven't thawed out from the inauguration yet. I'll be back with a post about the goings on when I can flex my hands again. Until then, revel in my mortification.

I prepared this post in the spirit of revealing something embarrassing, like the post I read about someone having a sex dream involving Bruce Willis and their mother!? Now, after searching for more than an hour, I can't find the post to link it, nor can I remember who wrote it. The curiosity is eating mah brain! Drop me a comment if you know who it was so I can link it, please.

This revelation occurred to me when I last watched LOST. Now I'm a Sayid woman myself. My order of preference, should I ever have the opportunity for a little island lovin' would be Sayid, Sawyer, Jin, Locke (what? The pepaws need love too, poppets), and Jack (total pity fuck, waayy too whiny). Sorry Ben, too creepy, and Hurley, too immature. OMG! Desmond! I can't forget Desmond. Put him after Sawyer (or with Sawyer, hmmmm). But I digress.

Whilst in the midst of lusting after my next husband Sayid, SweetieDarling walks by and with one offhanded remark, tossed carelessly over her shoulder like a grenade into the psyche, shatters her poor mothers' fantasy. She said "Who's that mom? He looks just like The Dude". Oh my dear sweet Jesus on a motorcycle. My son looks just like Naveen Andrews. Right down to the curls, the eyes, the long nails. How did this escape my attention during the years I've been lusting after him? (NAVEEN, lusting after NAVEEN, you sick pups!)
Now what's a woman to do? I have to reconstruct my whole elaborate fantastical island adventure. Poor Sayid will be heartbroken to be cast aside, but he'll understand I'm sure. And hey, Sawyer's not too shabby as a backup. Just let me do a quick check and make sure he doesn't resemble anyone I'm related to.


Twisting Ivy said...

OMG! I think I almost peed myself reading this post.

That's terrible! LOL! But oh so damn funny.

And I'll have New Crush details for you soon... =)

The Hotfessional said...

I think he's a cutie, too. How old is The Dude?

Rima said...

That is so funny. I especially liked your tags for this post "Lost," "lust," "mortification." Ha!

I think I would choose Sayid first, as well, then Sawyer and Desmond.

Candy said...

Maybe it's time to set that boy up with some modeling agency, if that's what he looks like ;)

Kate said...

hehe. Isn't it just sick when you finally admit to yourself what's really going on in your head? Good for you for posting it! It makes the rest of us squirm about what WE'RE thinking about!

Sweetly Single said...

O.M.G. That would give me nightmares!!